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Enuresis is a condition which can also be called bed-wetting or simply having no control over your urination, being prone to involuntary urination at inappropriate times and places. This problem usually affects children since their bladder control is not fully mastered until the year of 4. However, statistically, every 1 in 100 adults suffers from this uncomfortable problem as well. These people may urinate once they fall asleep in public transportation or their own beds. Some of them may have suffered from this condition even in their childhood, never managing to gain control over their bladder functions.

Nevertheless, enuresis is not an incurable condition. Rather, through timely diagnosis and treatment, this problem can be dealt with successfully. Thus, if you happen to suffer from enuresis, react immediately, since ignoring this problem may affect your relationship, work and many other aspects of your life, leading to depression, frustration, embarrassment, lack of sleep etc.

Nocturnal Enuresis

If involuntary urination takes place at night, it is considered to be nocturnal. This type is the most common one as far as children are concerned. However, with adults, it appears in up to 3% of cases. Some people may have had problems with their urination, but have managed to achieve control over them in their childhood, only to experience the return of enuresis later in life.

Reasons behind enuresis are still a mystery, even though there is connection between certain conditions and involuntarily urination. Namely, genetics may be a cause, since enuresis often runs in families. Small bladder, lack of appropriate amounts of bladder-controlling hormone, an overactive bladder or certain lifestyle factors, all may lead to enuresis.

Bowel Problems behind Enuresis

In some cases, certain gastrointestinal or bowel problems may lead to inconsistency of this type. Namely, constipated people have been known to be prone to enuresis. Also, the bowel may be involved in cases when certain types of food or drinks lead to this problem. Namely, our bladder may become unstable if we drink too much fluid over a short period of time or consume alcoholic beverages or drinks containing caffeine.

Moreover, just as stress can affect the bowel and the whole gastrointestinal health of a person, it can lead to bed-wetting and other forms of enuresis too. Alternatively, presence of urinary tract infection can be behind this issue as well.

All in all, if enuresis appears during your adult years, you should seek medical attention and have the problem analyzed and diagnosed. Once your doctor performs a checkup and asks you some questions, he/she will be able to tell you more about your condition and possible ways of dealing with it.

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