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Abnormal Bowel Movement Characteristics

There are numerous different manifestations of having irregular or abnormal bowel movements and products of this action. Nevertheless, these greatly vary from one person to another, thereby making generalization a bit awkward. Some of us may experience bowel movement once a day while others may have to do it two times or more. Also, every person has a unique diet in some ways. This clearly reflects on his or her stool and the whole process of bowel movement. Individual digestive system plays an important role as well. Still, one needs to know what is considered healthy and what not, regarding one’s bowel movement.What is Normal and What Abnormal?

Taking all the factors mentioned above into serious consideration, we may conclude that every case of bowel movement from three times daily to three times a week is considered normal. Everything more than this would probably indicate a case of diarrhea, especially if the stool is not consistent. On the other hand, experiencing bowel movement less than three times a week may only be a sign of possible constipation.As for the shape and size, in optimal cases, the stool is soft but compact, its shape suggesting its free passing through your anus and intestines. However, any abnormalities in size and shape, as well as consistency, especially, a stool that is thin and discolored, may be signs of more serious, underlying conditions like cancer.

Finally, colors resembling mixtures between brown and yellow are all good signs. Everything darker may suggest malnutrition or internal bleeding caused by hemorrhoids or some other problems. Of course, as it was stated above, this greatly depends on the age, diet, health and overall lifestyles of the people in question.

Possible Treatment of Bowel Movement Abnormalities

Proper diet is crucial. Therefore, all who suffer from abnormal bowel movements should stop consuming processed, junk or fast food and concentrate more on eating food coming from nature. Vegetables and fruit are all highly recommended, as well as regular water intake, since dehydration is usually the main reason behind constipation.

Leading a physically active life helps greatly. Namely, doing exercises regularly makes your digestive system more functional and, therefore, your bowel movement healthier. Additionally, it is of extreme importance not to delay or prolong time once you feel the urge for defecating. These actions are dangerous and may cause numerous health problems. Naturally, when experiencing any serious symptoms, make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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