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Giventhe importance of the moment itself, especially as the big day approaches, a future mom has a lot to cope with – both physically and emotionally. Aside from the evident rapturous feelings regarding the newly born child, present are also a bit more intense feelings accompanied by stress due to the physical nature of birth, and all that goes along with it. And this is exactly the major concern of all future moms who are about to give birth to a child. This is, of course, one of the reasons why many of them, once the contractions cease and the due day has passed, take into serious consideration a naturally induced labor. Even though to many of them this may sound a bit nightmarish, there is no reason for so much concern since there exist already tried out techniques that have given extremely good results. One important recommendation and advice to be followed is that such a labor should be done once the gestation period has come to its end, no sooner. In case, the labor itself is set on earlier than supposed to, various unwanted complications may occur. All in all, when the gestation period comes to an end, it is known that the contractions begin on their own. For those who are not that well acquainted with the entire birth process, the purpose of contractions is to inform everybody that a baby is prepared to come to a completely new world – our world.

Selfinduce the labor

Itis often the case that once the labor day has passed, women tend to think about the self induced natural labor seriously. But before doing it, they should consult with their gynecologist about what the best possible techniques and actions are to be done in order to induce the labor at home with success. In continuation are listed some of the most beneficial advice and activities women can employ in order to start a labor solely relying on themselves.

Being active is extremely important. Thus it is highly recommended to move as much as possible, and treat yourself with occasional walks. Other “techniques” include doing light house chores such as climbing up a moderate flight of stares, or doing some minor cleaning jobs such as vacuuming or dusting, since these kinds of activities put a certain amount of pressure on woman’s abdominal cavity and thus induce labor.Hormones. When it comes to hormones and contractions of the uterus, the first in line and the one to take the responsibility for this action is considered to be oxytocin. Therefore, indulging in more intimate intercourse with your spouse induces the secretion of this hormone, which on the other hand, sets on the labor itself. For those women who do not feel at ease with sexual intercourses during this period, there is also another option, i.e. stimulation of their nipples.

Amongnumerous others techniques those found to be most effective are also plenty relaxation, acupressure and also numerous herbal remedies (such as evening primrose, basil, oregano, raspberry).

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