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As the predicted labor date is quickly approaching, women find it more difficult than ever to carry the baby inside of them. They are nervous and easily irritated and really just want to have the baby delivered as soon as possible. Luckily, there are ways for them to speed up the labor.

Spicy food

Spicy food is pretty famous for being able to induce labor. But in reality, this is not really the most reliable way of accomplishing the goal of going into labor. The idea that spicy food has the ability to induce labor follows the kind of logic that pretty much works like this – spicy food increases the processes in the stomach and works as a sort of a stimulant in it. So therefore, it could have the same effect on the uterus, which would provoke the contractions in it. However, while it’s true that this does work sometimes, the number of times that it doesn’t work is pretty much equal. Not to mention that there is the possibility that the only thing spicy food will stimulate is nausea.

Twisting the nipples

What twisting the nipples can do is make the hormone called oxytocin be released into the body. This hormone is relevant for the induction of labor because one of its effects is to soften the cervix which is likely to result in the commencement of the labor process. It might be important to mention that the nipple twisting should be as tender as it can be, for being rougher will not help the release of the hormone in any way.

Sexual activity

Another popular way of inducing labor is through sexual intercourse. The goal of this kind of approach is the same as the one from the previous trick, and that is to soften the cervix. This is achieved through sexual intercourse thanks to the release of the semen whose content is able to have such an effect on the cervix.

Taking a walk

Sometimes taking a long walk or sitting in a vehicle that’s driving on a very bumpy road will stimulate the contractions and start the labor. This is not always the case, but it does happen from time to time.

Consumption of raspberry leaf tea

Unlike the methods such as sexual intercourse and eating spicy food, that are very well-known as the ways to induce labor, not many people have heard of the method that involves simply drinking raspberry leaf tea. However, this method is pretty much one of the most effective methods to go into labor on purpose. The effects of this tea reach the uterus directly, increasing the number and the intensity of the contractions, which are bound to climax in the process of labor.

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