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Trying to quit smoking? Thrive on the experience of others!

If you have developed a habit of using nicotine but have recently decided to quit using tobacco for good, you probably have no idea what the most effective means to overcome this unfortunate habit are. Here is a short overview of tried and proven tactics that you may use to overcome your nicotine addiction, and a few reasons why you should quit smoking, just to make your determination even stronger.

All habits are tough to eradicate and smoking (or however you prefer your tobacco / nicotine) is no exception. As mentioned, there are several approaches to the problem, and from what we have learned over the years, it is usually the best idea to use more approaches rather than just one, as it might prove too difficult to follow just one strategy.

Get ready

Once you have really decided to quit smoking, be sure to browse the Internet or find some paperback volume that describes the techniques for quitting smoking. Before you do that, it would do well to write down the detailed reasons why you want to quit smoking (try to be specific, we know you know it has become unpopular and was always bad for your health). This might help you to decide on the strategy you are going to use, as some plan might match your needs and goals more than the other, although all of them ultimately have the same goal.


What you must do, regardless of the tactic that you choose to go along with, is to stick with the plan. Whatever you do, do not bail out and do not succumb to the urge to light another cigarette or pipe. If you are just too dependent on nicotine, you could try medical substitutes such as nicotine patches or some of the prescription drugs. These have helped many people to overcome their habit. Still, you should be aware that these workarounds might have negative side effects. It is therefor much better to use a natural way to quit smoking.

The most common and most natural approach is to simply say "this is my last cigarette" over a cigarette and never light another one after that. It is the hardest, but also the quickest and cleanest way. It will take an effort to keep your promise, but it will pay off. Some people find it helpful to use herbal products in the process, which help to regulate the mood swings associated with the withdrawal period, while other people find them useless. Anyway, it is up to you to try, as you have nothing to lose and everything to win to give up smoking by natural means.

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