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Avoid what isconsidered unavoidable

No matter how strongyour personality is, or how resilient you are too many things that can befallyou, warts are certainly not something a person could be indifferent about. Thisespecially goes for those having the tendency to appear on the person’sfingers, or anywhere on his/her hands. The outcome is the same – unpleasantnessin abundance. This awkward skin condition is fairly frequent and tends tobefall no less than 95% of people at one point in their lives. For those who are abit skeptic about this, there are numerous research studies that confirm it.

As for the primarycauses of this skin condition, quite a number of people are constantly wonderingabout it. To reveal the secret – the main culprit is considered to be noneother than a virus already present in the body. The downside is that the virusin question can and is made active by an enormous number of things. Due tothe fight our bodies put up every time they are invaded by something malicious,they react completely opposite to our will. But there is also an upside, i.e.there exist many natural ways to cope with and fight off this unwanted intruderand thus prevent warts from coming into existence completely.

Different varieties

When it comes towarts, it is important to know that they represent patches of skin that, underthe influence of the virus, have the potential to grow much faster thanconsidered to be normal. They are of skin-like color and are mostly firm andrough to the touch. One of the varieties that are regarded as fairly common isthe flat wart. They are quite small in size and not that firm and rough as, forexample, those warts befalling the hands or the feet. One extremely unpleasantcharacteristic is that they grow at a particularly fast rate – 20 to 100 atonce. They can befall just about any part of the body, and in the case of children, they are mostfrequently encountered on the face.


As the body’sresistance becomes stronger, the warts will be weakened more and more, untilthey disappear completely. Unfortunately, this can last for quite some time, buton the plus side the person whose body has defeated this virus once is mostlikely not to be befallen by it again. In case of warts occurring in the areasurrounding nails and fingers, regarded as effective is the duct-tape method. Othercommonly employed treatment techniques also include contact hypersensitisation,as well as Bleomycin injections.

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