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First stop – understanding

In order for this quite serious skin condition to be cured with success, it is of utmost importance for a person to get as much useful information as possible about the condition itself, and later on about the most successful treatment techniques and methods. Cystic acne represents one of the most severe in nature, because the inflammation breakouts can appear on just about any part of the person’s body which makes the condition even unbearable. Certain acne can grow significantly and reach a couple of centimeters in size. Also, this variety of acne can be extremely painful. Due to the occurrence of this variety of acne, there can also occur bumps, located underneath the person’s skin, known as the nodules. Theycan bring significant harm to the skin. Such wounds take quite some time to heal.

Who is to blame the most?

When it comes to the causes that brings on cystic acne, it should be pointed out that they are quite the same as those that bring about the occurrence of acne as well. First there occurs a production of excess oil followed by the buildup of dead cells, which clog the skin pores, and an infestation of bacteria that induces the occurrence of acne . In addition, this variety of acne is caused by the occurrence of a deep break in the wall of the follicle, causing a membrane to grow and surround the infection itself.

Harmful implications

Cystic acne is known to posses a great potential when it comes to bringing harm to the person’s skin by causing injury to those healthy tissues in the skin. Due to this, once the breakout occurs, it is often accompanied by intense scarring. In order not to not worsen the condition, a person ought to, at all costs, avoid getting acne.


This variety of acne, in almost all cases, requires the use of prescription medications. It is important to know is that the initial treatment tends not to produce favorable results, but once continued progress can be seen. The first line of defense is embodied in Accutane, accompanied by various oral antibiotics, drainage, intralesional corticosteroid injections, and as final resort - a surgical procedure.

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