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How to reduce weight is a question that for some people became an obsession. Diets, supplements, workout, healthy recipes, hypnosis, therapy sessions, surgery, there are so many things available for people to deal with extra pounds. But does all that really help? There is no worldwide statistic that will say who actually lost weight, who did not even try, who tried and gained pounds back etc.


When deeper analysis is applied to weight, it might be concluded that the main and only reason for wanting to lose weight is esthetics. A person can get used to having difficulties when walking up the stairs or with not being able to do certain things because of obesity, but no one can get used to other people’s opinion, which is sadly, not positive most of the time. And of course, there are physiological problems that might affect heart, pancreas, and other organs, if obesity is serious and nothing is done about it.


Diets should not be thought of as something rigorous, problematic and hard to execute. Diets should be a way of life, eating healthy and moderately is a correct pathway to a long and healthy life. The only thing that a person who is on a diet has to think of is balance. Minimum of all nutrients has to be met, and everything will be fine. As for junk food, which is delicious and deadly, just think like this – none of that existed only a hundred years ago and everyone lived normally and happily. So, why is junk food a problem? Two answers come in mind, delicious taste and advertising, because what is seen on TV ends up in stomach eventually. When this obstacle is passed, there is simply nothing that stands between us and a healthy life.


Basically, we are animals, and muscles play an important role in our lives, which means those should be nourished as much as possible. No intensive training is actually needed, but some physical activity, light and mild, each and every day, should be more than enough for reducing some weight and keeping the muscles on appropriate level.

How to reduce weight? With the power of the mind, of course. When the mind is set on to something, nothing can stop the body from following the mind’s commands. Of course, results cannot come in a week or two, but after a while, and when they do, diet/exercise practitioners will be more than happy with what is achieved and they will have more motivation to continue with that lifestyle.

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