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What is the best way to lose weight and keep it off? Somewould say that dieting is the only way, some would combine it with exercising andsome would just increase physical activity. There are those who are not eagerto put some effort, so they just use supplements or go for a surgery. It isobvious that there are several methods for fighting obesity and the choice of the method that will be used depends on a person.


Increased weight should be reduced within normal rangebecause that is one of the most important elements of the health aspect of theorganism. But to lose it so that is never returns is something thatrequires a lot of mental strength. The most important thing that has to be donehere is to defeat bad eating habits. This is especially important because thatis the main cause of obesity (except for those who have some kind of a medicalproblem). This means that some diets can be very effective but if a person isnot willing to change the lifestyle, lost pounds will return eventually, whichwill often discourage those people to try again. So, what is a secret, a solution, a formula forhealthiness?


Many experts would say that moderate approach is the bestpossible thing that should be done in this case. Usually, those extra poundshave been built up over years so at least couple of months is needed for someserious weight reduction. Combination of dieting and physical activity indeedcan produce the most impressive results, but a caution is needed here. This meansthat the difference between calories taken and needed must not be too high,especially if training sessions are intensive. Also, food included in a dailymenu has to be completely healthy. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fatdairy products, poultry – all of this is healthy and should be used (eaten). Elimination of bad eating habits will not comein a matter of days. People should start gradually, slowly reducing the amountof junk food and also slowly increasing the intensity of trainingsessions. Exercising should also be moderate,based on cardio workout. This would include running, swimming, some lightaerobics, use of low weight dumbbells etc. It is not easy to create the bestpossible training program, but it is definitely something that should take placeat least three times a week up to a daily routine, with one session notlasting shorter than 45 minutes.

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