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Ear problem due earphones


Most people are aware of the fact that prolonged exposure to loud noises may cause damage to the hearing, and in some cases when the noise levels are excessive, it may even be responsible for the occurrence of deafness. Hearing impairment is commonly triggered by exposure to noise in the workplace. It is also not an uncommon thing to experience hearing damage at pop concerts due to the exposure to loud music. A large number of young people everywhere around the world are probably not aware of the fact that they damage their hearing on a regular basis. It takes only one hour of listening to an mp3 player through earphones each day for the damage to take place. Numerous scientific studies have shown that continuous listening to loud music using earphones may be responsible for irreversible, permanent hearing problems.


The official legislation limits the maximum noise generated by mp3 players to 100 decibels. The scientific studies have shown that listening to music at 89 decibels is enough to damage the hearing. Those who spend hours listening to loud music through their earphones are actually getting doses of noise which are actually much more than the doses of noise allowed for factory workers by the Health and Safety regulations. Listening to music through the earphones at 100 decibels causes the same amount of damage as standing only 10 feet away from a pneumatic drill. There are numerous different types of earphones available on the market, but they deliver different noises as well. Earbud design of earphones is probably the one which has the most potential for causing the damage because it forces the sound directly into the eardrum, unlike the ones which only sit at the top of the pinna. Earbuds are often referred to as the noise cancelling earphones because they prevent the sound from escaping into the environment. Actually, there are quite a lot of people everywhere around the world who are at risk of damaging their hearing. The number of such people only in Europe may be up to 10 million. So the number is probably having nine digits. The number of people with hearing problems in the US has doubled since the 1970s.


One should always purchase mp3 players which do not provide more than 85 decibels at their maximum setting. Listening at the highest possible volume is not a good idea. Restricting the time spent listening to music through earphones should also be restricted.

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