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Hearing ability is definitely one of the most important human senses. This particular sense allows us to communicate with other people, listen to music and enjoy all the pleasant sounds created around us. Hearing loss is a condition that may affect certain people and it can be easily classified as temporary or permanent. Only people who have had normal hearing can develop hearing loss. The condition develops due to certain medical conditions and it is also associated with intake of some medications or develops as a consequence of exposure to loud sounds.What are Causes of Temporary Hearing Loss?

There are many causes of temporary hearing loss. Their mutual characteristic is that all of them are treatable and the person eventually restores normal hearing ability.

Exposure to loud sounds is definitely the most common cause of temporary hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is also known as noise-induced hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds leads to damage to the inner ear and associated symptoms such as tinnitus. In case the exposure continues and lasts for a longer period of time damage may become permanent and hearing loss irreversible.

Temporary hearing loss also affects people suffering from an ear blockage due to accumulation of earwax. Once the accumulated earwax is removed normal hearing is restored.

One more cause of temporary hearing loss is infection of the middle ear. In this case the hearing loss develops due to accumulation of fluid inside the inner ear. Even rupture of the eardrum is possible cause of temporary hearing loss.

Damage to sensory structures of the ear due to infections, intake of certain medications, skull injuries etc always lead to hearing loss. Depending on the intensity of the process that has lead to hearing loss the problem may be temporary or permanent.

Treatment and Hearing Loss Prevention

Temporary hearing loss can be successfully treated and reversed and one can fully restore the lost function. In case of exposure to loud sounds the person is due to avoid such exposure as much as possible. The hearing will soon restore. People who are professionally exposed to loud sounds are due to wear protective gear and this way prevent permanent hearing loss and damage to auditory system. Hearing loss caused by accumulated earwax improves once the earwax is mechanically removed form the ear canal. Injury that has led to hearing loss requires proper treatment and in some cases surgery. Infections are treated with antibiotics. The actual cause must always be properly identified and only after that a doctor may recommend the most convenient treatment and prevent temporary hearing loss to progress towards permanent hearing loss and complete disability.

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