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How People Hear?

Normal hearing may be conducted by two different pathways,either by air conduction or by bone conduction. Talking about air conduction, soundwaves go through the air and enter the external auditory canal of an individual.This is the canal located between the outside and the eardrum. When the soundwaves hit the eardrum (also called tympanic membrane), it moves. Movement ofthe eardrum is transmitted to the bones of the middle ear (known as malleus,incus and stapes). The movement of the stapes is responsible for the pressurewaves in the fluid of the inner ear and the waves affect the hairs of cochlealocated in the fluid. This movement of the cochlea hairs stimulates auditorynerve and this is how we hear sounds. Different hairs on the cochlea respond todifferent frequencies of the noise from the outside and they get translatedinto sounds of different pitch and we can hear them.

Conduction of sound by bone is different, and it happenswhen something causes the bones of the skull to vibrate. Those vibrations arethen transmitted to the fluid around cochlea and we can hear that noise.

Stop Hearing Loss

Normally, with aging, people lose some of their hearing, aswell as some other of their abilities and functions. Deterioration of theirorgans is what can be blamed for these effects, but it depends on person’sphysical and emotional health, also it mainly depends on the food you eat andnutrients you take with that food.

The best thing you can do for your ears is to protect themfrom any loud noise or over stimulation. Don’t listen to loud music, because itcan damage your hearing. When you are listening to some very loud music it mayresult in damage of the ear, and cause hearing loss many years after the event.People working in the extremely noisy environment should always wear protectiveear covers, to prevent any potential damage.

What you eat is also important. Include food rich inanti-oxidants in your daily menu. This way, you will be able to prevent thedamage that might have been caused by free radicals, especially damage causedto your eardrum and other hearing equipment. Inflammation of the ear canprovoke hearing loss and sometimes even lead to permanent ear damage. Eat plentyof fruits and vegetables and you won’t need to take supplemental anti-oxidants.Also, take care not to use too much of these supplements, because our body islimited by the amount of them it can absorb.

Good oils in your diet will soften your ear wax. These areomega fatty acids, cater oil, fish oil, olive and flax oils, and they areuseful because hard wax may also worsen your hearing.

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