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Our ears serve several different functions. First of all, they grant us the sense of hearing which gives our world a priceless dimension. The ears collect signals from the outside world and allow our brain to coordinate in space, allowing us to orient better and find our place spatially. Finally, our ears are in charge of our balance, keeping us safe from falling when we bend or get in an unnatural position. All in all, our ears are an incredibly delicate sensory system. Therefore, we need to keep our ears safe from harm since damage to the ears can lead to numerous health issues.

Loud Music and Hearing Problems

You have probably heard warnings from your friends, relatives and, especially, parents each time you have put earphones on and got prepared for enjoying loud music from your favorite cassette, CD or MP3 and MP4 files. Well, your parents, friends or relatives knew what they were talking about since exposure to loud music can truly damage your hearing, leading to either temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Hearing loss can stand for one's inability to hear or just an inability to hear to a certain extent, due to injuries affecting the delicate mechanisms in your ear. Temporary hearing loss signifies a person's inability to hear for a limited amount of time after which normal hearing capabilities return while permanent hearing loss stands for complete decrease or loss of hearing remaining prevalent forever.

Other Hearing Problems

Tinnitus is a condition which can stem from a partial hearing loss. Ringing in the ears is also the common name for this health issue. Additionally, a person suffering from tinnitus may experience ear fullness. Even though normal hearing may return after a while, repetitive exposure to loud noises will lead to permanent loss of hearing. For these reasons, construction workers, people who handle noisy machinery and devices, as well as musicians wear certain protection for their ears, blocking or limiting the sounds they hear.

Once the quality of your hearing is decreased, there are great chances that it will not improve on its own.

As for listening to loud music, wearing headphones is the worst thing you can do since, this way, you expose your ears to high volume sounds directly. This is why musicians avoid using headphones and wear ear protection during every live show. They do not want to lose or compromise their hearing in any way.

Thus, you should also protect yourself whenever you get exposed to loud sounds. If you are a musician, wear ear plugs during every rehearsal or show. If you are not a musician, stay protected whenever you get in touch with extremely loud music, noise or other types of sounds.

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