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Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tube that leads the air to the lungs. The inflammation is followed by swelling of the airways and thick mucus. Patients usually experience cough, which leave them without the air, breathing difficulties and feverish symptoms.

Bronchitis could be acute or chronic condition. Acute bronchitis usually lasts for couple of days to a week. Patients are feverish and often experience persistent cough. Cold or flu, bacterial infection, polluted air or chemical gases are most likely to cause acute bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis patients spit thick yellow-green mucus, have nasal congestion and suffer from cough that could last for months. This condition is known to occur again in the patients that already had it. Causes of chronic bronchitis include: smoking, bacterial, pollen, and chemical irritation. People that suffer from allergies, workers in metallurgy and chemical industry, and smokers are more likely to develop this condition.

Herbs and Supplements for Bronchitis

Strong immune system guarantees less infection and illnesses. Supplements and herbal remedies might boost your immunity and in the case of bronchitis, some might actually help with some of the disease symptoms.

Horehound tea is decreasing the mucus production. Slippery elm tea is also helpful to ease the symptoms of acute bronchitis.

Ehinacea and astragalus have antiviral and anti bacterial properties, and might even have some immune booster activity, according to recent studies. High doses of this herbal supplements are recommended for acute bronchitis treatment. In the chronic therapy, however, doses are bit lower. Specialists advise 200mg ehinacea or astragalus, taken two times a day.

Some herbs might be added to ehinacea or astragalus, for long-term herbal therapy. Pau d’arco, and reishi or maitake mushrooms are the most usual addition to the treatment. Recommended doses include 250mg of pau d’arco taken twice per day, 1500mg of reishi mushroom (in a tablet form), or 600mg of maitake mushroom tablet. These herbal supplements should be used in recurring, seasonal bronchitis. The suggested patterns are: usage of one herb during the week and another herb next week, or use of a different herbal supplements each day.

Vitamin C, taken with flavonoids and bioflavanoids is one of the most efficient antiviral supplements. Flavonoids are excellent antioxidants and also possess antiviral activity. Vitamin A is also a great helper to your immune system. In the chronic bronchitis, these vitamins are beneficial to rejuvenate the affected tissue.

N-acetylcisteine (or NAC) reduces mucus production, and could also be used to prevent relapses of chronic bronchitis.

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