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Physical activity is one of the most valuable things you cando for your body and mind. Many times, doctors advise their patients toexercise regularly, in order to prevent or ease symptoms of their diseases. However,you must know what, how and when to exercise to have the best results. Speaking of when, people should know that it is not the sameto work out on a hot sunny day and in winter time, especially if you are exercisingoutside. The summer is found to be extremely hard to some people, bringingtroubles in exercise routine.

Be Aware of the Day

On a hot day, always perform your workout in the morning orin the evening, when the temperature is more manageable. Avoid exercising aroundnoon, but if you don’t have any other time of the day free, choose indoortraining.

Relative humidity of the air also affects your body and youmust realize that. High humidity will decrease the evaporating of the sweat andthere might be a problem with the overheating of your body. Always watch closelyfor this problem and when or if you start to feel drained or dizzy stop thetraining. You need to cool down and hydrate the body and only then you cancontinue with your routine.

Pollution should also be something to think about when you exerciseoutside on a hot day. If there is an orange, red or purple alert that day you should exerciseindoors. You must know that even national parks may not be suitable for thetraining in summer weather.

Always Drink Enough Water

Proper hydrating is essential for everyone who exercises,regardless the weather. But, when it’s hot outside you will need sports drinksbefore and after the practice and in some cases even while you are exercising. Ifyour training lasts for about an hour, all you need is water. However, peopleexercising longer than that need to compensate the carbs and sports drinks aregreat to perform this task. Maintaining proper amount of fluids in the body isextremely important and if you don’t do that, there is high risk of circulatoryfailure.

Wear Proper Clothing

Exercising in hot weather should also affect the clothes youwear. It means that you should choose something that doesn’t retain the heat. Yourbest bet are synthetic fabrics which will allow your body to breathe and release thesweat. Remember to wear heats as well. Although it may seem weird, cotton is not the bestoption for summer training.

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