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People are not really sure whether they should stop trainingwhen suffering with a cold and we will try to resolve this dilemma. During theyear, people usually suffer from 2 or 3 infections of the upper respiratorytract and there is a problem whether to continue with the training during thistime. This is ok according to the health experts, but if more serious symptomslike fever are present, patient should avoid exercising. But there are reasonswhy a person should continue with exercise plan even when he or she is sufferingfrom a cold.

Reasons for Continuing With the Exercises

The immune system will benefit from the exercising because it makes it stronger, so you may experience some benefits such as easier breathing if continuingwith the exercises. Some say that you will fight the respiratory infectionsmuch better if conducting an exercise plan, but there is a chance of the decreased strengthof the immune system if you overload your body and exaggerate with thetraining. Also, it is not good to stop working out because you may form this asa habit and ruin your long-term plan. There have been several studies conductedto test whether the patients with a head cold will perform the same as thehealthy ones and the result showed that there has not been any difference inthe stamina between the groups. The results also showed that exercising had noimpact on the cold and they were cured in the same amount of time as those whohad the cold and didn't work out.

Reasons for Stopping the Exercising Plan

We will now see why you need to quit your training during the cold, and one ofthe reasons is the use of medications such as nasal decongestants, because they areknown as the heart rate increasers and all of this combined can make the heartpump too hard. Problems such as breathing problems and breath shortness maycome out from this situation. Symptoms such as breath shortness, wheezing andcoughing can strike those who are exercising while having cold and asthma, so ifthis happens, use medications that will widen the air passages but bear in mind that they maycause increased heart rate. The infection may expand to the lungs orthroat, and this is when the head cold symptoms are a bit more serious and youshould stop working out in this situation. If you are experiencing chest pressure,chest tightness, excessive breath shortness, breathing problems, wheezing,coughing, dizziness, light-headedness, balanceproblems and increased congestion of the chest, you need to visit aprofessional.

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