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Urine Therapy Side Effects

Many of you have probably heard of urine therapy. If you want to try it, you should learn all about this therapy and its side effects.

Urine Therapy

Urine therapy or uropathy is the part of alternative medicine. Urine therapy refers to use of urine to prevent or cure some medical conditions and enhance beauty. In urine therapy, person has to drink or apply topically his own urine. This therapy originates from ancient India, Egypt and China, where people believed that urine is effective in fighting against number of illnesses. It is considered that urine is helpful in beautification and improving skin quality. People of ancient Rome used urine for whitening their teeth.

Benefits of Urine Therapy

Benefits of urine therapy have not been scientifically proven but, still, many are convinced in effectiveness of this therapy. Practitioners of urine therapy claim that urine is not a toxic waste product since waste matter is removed from the body through the liver, kidneys and other organs. They believe this way urine mainly consists of water, small percent of urea and traces of minerals, salt, enzymes and hormones and it is safe for use.

Urine therapy consists of internal application or drinking urine and external application or massaging with urine. Urine has the ability to heal because it contains certain antibodies. Urine therapy is used in treating conditions such as osteoporosis, gout, skin infections, asthma, constipation, immunological disorders, cancer, heart disease, allergies, common cold, flu, infertility, insomnia, and skin problems. Some people, apart from drinking urine, use their urine as an enema and some engage in urine bathing. However, some people have reported adverse effects of urine therapy.

Side Effects of Urine Therapy

Even though many promote urine therapy using the ancient scriptures such as Ayurveda, some people are against it because they believe urine isn’t required by the body since it was excreted in the first place. Opponents of urine therapy say that urine is biological waste and urine intake cannot benefit people’s health. They often refer to side effects of urine therapy as well.

Urine can contain harmful substances especially in those who are taking drugs and those who have been exposed to chemical residues from environment. Even advocates of urine therapy are aware of certain side effects of urine consumption. Common urine therapy side effects include diarrhea, headache, rash, fatigue, fever and muscle soreness. Some people may vomit because of the urine smell. If a person has urinary tract infection, drinking urine can be even more harmful. Also, those who are suffering sexually transmitted disease or bladder infections should avoid urine therapy as well. If you want to try urine therapy you should get your urine tested regularly and discontinue in case of any adverse effects.

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