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Self hypnosis techniques

The first thing that comes into a person's mind when hypnosis is mentioned is the patient sitting or lying in a chair and the hypnosis therapist giving suggestive commands. However, a lot of people do not know that there are plenty of techniques that a person can get to know and apply on himself or herself. In this way a person will get full control of one's thoughts. In a way, when a person manages this he or she will be his or her personal thoughts manager. There are lots of techniques a person can master and they are not different from those a hypnosis therapist is using. A person should be aware with these things because there are different outcomes depending on the statements he or she programs into the subconscious thoughts.

Before deciding to do this, a person should know why he or she is doing it and if it there is something to discover or achieve. Once the person is sure of why he or she is doing it, the person should keep to this objective. It is not a smart thing to choose more than one object at a time. If a person tries to concentrate on more things than one, he or she will only end up in more trouble.

What to do and what not to do

A person should never recommend to himself or herself that he or she is going to learn bungee-jump no matter how scared he or she is. Instead, a person should be more positive and represent great things. For instance, a person should recommend to himself or herself that he or she is looking forward to bungee-jumping and will have a fantastic feeling of freedom while flying through the air. It is also important that the recommendations are short and direct. Another important thing when a person is performing self hypnosis is to ensure that he or she will not be disturbed. That means that the phone should be disconnected, the doors should be locked.

How it is done

A person should start by concentrating the attention over a point which is just above the eye level. Next, a few deep breaths should be taken. When exhaling, a person should imagine that he or she is getting rid of the bad air while doing so. After doing so, a person should close the eyes and concentrate on a couple of soothing sounds he or she is able to hear like the wind outside or the rain. The next thing a person should do is to descent for his or her subconscious. A person should imagine it like he or she is walking towards an amazing garden at the end of a ten action spiral staircase. With every step a person takes, he or she is more and more free of worries and more relaxed. While reaching the end of the descent a person should imagine that he or she is walking barefoot over nice, green grass. After doing so, a person should be relaxed enough to start the repetition of recommendations for the subconsciousness. Each recommendation should be repeated three times. A break should be made between every recommendation. When done, a person should imagine himself or herself returning the same way.

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