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Often when a couple makes the decision not to have any more children, either one or the other will undergo a permanent surgical sterilization procedure. For a man it would be a vasectomy and for a woman the procedure is called a tubal ligation.

Permanent surgical sterilization is the most effective method of contraception, but if necessary it can be reversed using surgical methods. One of the fist things a couple must decide is which partner will do the sterilization and if it is the woman, the following article will explain from start to finish what to expect from a tubal ligation.

For a woman considering tubal ligation fallopian tubes tided procedure, the following information is something to consider:

  • Consultation with a medical professional, physical examination and patient can discuss any concerns with the physician
  • Date set for tubal ligation
  • On evening prior to surgery, a woman will need to follow any preoperative instructions set forth by her care provider
  • Show up on the morning of surgery at the appointed time
  • Empty the bladder, get blood tests and prepare for surgery
  • The woman is either given a sedative/anesthetic to numb the mind and then the surgery will begin
  • Tubal ligation involves cutting, tying, installing binding rings or burning the fallopian tubes in order to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg
  • The entire procedure can take from 30-45 minutes and a woman is advised to have a friend/companion drive her home
  • Recovery time from tubal ligation is between 3-4 days and if a woman takes it easy she should be able to return to normal activities within a week

All of the choices available for the tubal ligation fallopian tubes tied procedure allow a woman to select the method she wishes. It is one way in which a couple that has completed their family to prevent any accidental pregnancies from occurring and is convenient and recovering is fairly painless. Doctors usually recommend over the counter pain relievers and a heating pad to handle any type of discomfort. Many women each year undergo tubal ligation each year; making it the most commonly used method of permanent birth control in the country.

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