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Our future depends upon our decisions. A lot of the woman who live in the USA decide on female sterilization, or having their fallopian tubes tied if they don’t want to have children any more. According to the statistics, 10 million women who are between 15 and 44 have decided to have their tubes tied, because they don’t want to have children. There are different ways to have fallopian tubes tied and a doctor will chose the one that is the most suitable for each particular patient. Methods that are used for the female sterilization include tubal ligation / resection, electro coagulation, or clip/ring method.

There is a vast majority of women who, after having been sterilized, after some period of time slowly begin to regret for doing this. But, what to do, can this be reversed? In this text we will provide you with all the relevant information about this topic. The life itself forces women to change their decision. For example, if they lose an only child, they may want another one, or some new things may appear in their life. Unfortunately, these women can’t stay pregnant again.

In vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization is one of the methods that can allow a woman to stay pregnant after undergoing the female fertilization. But, we have to disappoint you with the facts that this method is very expensive and it isn’t so effective according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In order to stay pregnant in this way, a woman should have to complete the IVF process for many months.

Tubal reversal surgery

This alternative isn’t well known, because it is disapproved by many doctors, and they don’t even mention it to their patients. A woman shouldn’t hope for her insurance company to pay for this and the cost of this surgical procedure varies $ 8,000-$ 9,000. But, fortunately enough, there are doctors who charge this procedure $6.000. Another good thing about tubal reversal surgery is that it is permanent, unlike IVF.

To conclude, many women who have had female sterilization can try and reverse their ability to have children again. Before deciding on one of these procedures, it is advisable to consult your doctor so that you can make the right decision. If you decide on female sterilization, you should think through this decision carefully so that you can spare yourself a misery of going through the procedure so that you can have children again.

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