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Is tubal ligation a completely reliable method for pregnancy prevention? In most cases it is, but still there is a small possibility of becoming pregnant even after undergoing this procedure. In short, tubal ligation procedure consists of tying women’s fallopian tubes so that the egg and semen can’t travel to the uterus and the fertilization of egg can’t occur.

Why is tubal ligation more effective than other methods of birth control?

Mainly because it doesn’t imply taking birth control pills every day, it is very effective, almost 100%, and it doesn’t require any drug intake, so you don’t have an obligation to drink it every day. The bad thing about pills is that it only takes one day to forget to drink it, and you can become pregnant but that isn’t a case with tubal ligation. You don’t have to think about that, you can enjoy with your partner in intimate time and sexual intercourse.

But, on the other hand, according to a recent study, there was a survey in which 10 000 women participated. All of these women had a tubal ligation, and 143 of them achieved pregnancy after tubal ligation. Speaking in statistics, it is 1.43%, but the results are still better than when any other method of birth control is concerned. Many of these pregnancies don’t last long or they become ectopic pregnancies because of the blockage in the fallopian tubes. When it comes to a woman who has had her tubal ligation done, in ten years time, a percentage for becoming pregnant will increase and it will be 1.85%. But, this belongs to an error and most of women don’t get pregnant even after two or three decades from tubal ligation. Still, we have to emphasize that every woman who decides on tubal ligation must understand that getting pregnant after tubal ligation is very rare and that she should think carefully before deciding on this procedure. This is because some women decide that they want to become pregnant after tubal ligation. This isn’t likely to happen, and in this case, they should think about doing another surgical procedure called reverse tubal ligation. This procedure gives more chance that these women will become pregnant, but the chances aren’t so big either.

Any woman should think carefully before tubal ligation, because percentage of becoming pregnant is very small and it can be labeled to a small margin of error. It is a very safe birth control method and many women who have children are deciding on tubal ligation if they are sure that they don’t want to have any more children.

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