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Mark these words: think twice definitely think more than twice before undergoing tubal ligation, a permanent female sterilization process. There are many non-permanent procedures of birth control available and decision about having tubal ligation done, should never be an easy decision. Once it is done, it is done: it cannot be reversed and woman is left sterile. Tubal ligation is also commonly known as getting tubes tied. This is a sterilization process that is performed on women: the surgeon closes fallopian tubes by cutting them, burning them, or blocking them with rings, bands or clips. This for the process of conceiving a child means the prevention the egg from traveling from ovaries to uterus, and additionally this way also prevents sperm to fertilize eggs by preventing the sperm to reach the fallopian tube.

This method is 99,5% effective as birth control prevention, and there despite the theoretical impossibility to conceive, still a minor chance to conceive a baby. The process of tubal ligation is relatively simple and can be performed under local anesthesia, although general anesthesia is usually applied. However this does not mean the procedure is na ve. The procedure takes about one hour and a half. Usually it is performed laparoscopic and during the procedure the abdomen is filled with carbon dioxide gas. This enables the abdominal wall balloons to stay away from the uterus and tubes. Then the surgeon makes a small cut just below the navel and a laparoscope which is a small telescope-like instrument, is inserted.

Another incision is made in order to cut, sew or burn the tubes. However, if you are undergoing this procedure just to have sex without having to worry about birth control and having sex without thinking about your protection pardon my French, but you are stupid. There is a still a chance to become a victim of STD, and I am not talking about HIV only there is HPV, herpes, Chlamydia and many, many other waiting for you use your head and use condoms!

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