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In order to understandthe process of tubal ligation reversal, one must know what tubal ligation is.Tubal ligation is a process by which a woman’s fallopian tubes are cut orblocked, so that she can’t stay pregnant anymore. It is a type of femalesterilization. Tubal ligation reversal is a process that returns the previouscondition and women may become pregnant again. This process enables women whohave undergone tubal ligation to restore their fertility. Namely, the blockedsegment of the fallopian tube is removed and reconnected. After this process,an egg can freely go to the uterus. The process can be successful if there is alittle or no damage to the fallopian tubes. Tubal ligation reversal surgeryallows for at least one fallopian tube to be open up to 75%.

Post Tubal LigationSyndrome

There are cases of womenwho want to undergo tubal ligation reversal surgery because they experiencepost tubal ligation syndrome. The symptoms of this syndrome appear after tuballigation and the most frequent ones are following: painful periods, symptoms ofearly menopause, ectopic pregnancy, mental stress and anxiety, insomnia andmany others that vary from person to person. In order for this process to besuccessful, there are some factors that are beneficial. These factors includethe type of tubal ligation procedure, age of the patient, and damage that iscaused during the tubal ligation surgery. Women who have best chances to have asuccessful tubal ligation reversal are the ones who had a small part offallopian tubes removed.

Tubal ReversalProcedures

In order to have asuccessful tubal ligation surgery, you must inform your doctor about all thenecessary facts about a tubal ligation surgery. It has a big impact on the typeof the tubal ligation reversal procedure that is later going to be conducted.The best candidate for this procedure is a woman who has equal diameter of theremaining ends of tubal section. Otherwise, the chances for becoming pregnantafter tubal ligation reversal process will be very low. As with any surgery,there are also certain risks that may complicate this surgery and they includeside effects from anesthesia, bladder and vessels damage, infection of thewound, and fear from failure of the surgery. There is also a risk that youmight experience ectopic pregnancy, even if you do the tubal ligation reversalsurgery.

So, if are thinkingabout undergoing this procedure, it is important to think it through carefullyand consult with your doctor. There is also an option for in vitrofertilization for women who had tubal ligation surgery.

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