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Many couples who are hoping for a baby also hold hopes to have a little one of a specific gender. There are many "natural" gender selection methods around, in addition to old wives' tales. None of them guarantee a baby of a specific gender, but there is something those who want either a boy or a girl can do, and that is MicroSort gender selection.

This method is suitable for those who need to prevent passing on specific genetic disorders or diseases that affect only one gender. MicroSort works by separating the sperm in a semen sample into those that carry X an Y chromosomes, in other words those that would contribute to creating a girl and those that would make a boy. Once the man provides a sperm sample, it is run through a machine called a cytometer. The separation process is possible because X chromosome sperm carries significantly more DNA material than Y chromosome sperm.

Once the sperm sample is subjected to the procedure, it can be used by couples who are trying to conceive a baby of the relevant gender. Usually, MicroSort is used in combination with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), which is a fairly-low intervention fertility treatment that involves inserting the newly separated sperm sample into the uterus. Where couples have additional fertility concerns, MicroSort can also be used in combination with IVF treatment. So, does MicroSort offer a guarantee? Does this gender selection technique ensure that you will have a boy or a girl, depending on what you are aiming for?

Unfortunately not. In a normal sperm sample, sperm with Y chromosomes and those with X chromosomes will appear in roughly equal numbers. MicroSort certainly increases the number of sperm with the chosen chromosome greatly, but it will not completely eliminate swimmers of the other chromosome.

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