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Rigidity in people may manifest in several different ways. Firstly, it may affect one on a mental plan. Basically, people who are mentally rigid are perfectionists, focusing solely on themselves. Thus, the only perfect person in the world, for these people, are themselves. This rigidity prevents them from living life to the fullest, even though it might take place on a subconscious level, without them even noticing it.

It's Not Only Mental

Even though mental rigidity is common, we also may be suffering from physical one. This, physical rigidity manifests through stiffness of some of our muscles, making us take certain unnatural body postures which can trigger pain and discomfort in the long run.

Both mental and physical rigidity often affect men, since they are commonly overwhelmed by their need to dominate or be responsible for everything. Luckily, yoga can help them, and everyone else, to relax and deal with this bothersome problem.

Yoga and Rigidity

Since our physical and mental selves are intertwined and codependent, yoga can deal with both rigidities together, through asanas and some other types of exercises and techniques. Unfortunately, many rigid people, especially adults, may get too far gone, discarding yoga as something artificial or pointless, never finding treatment for their condition since they never gave it enough consideration. Yet, some rigid perfectionists may start doing yoga due to their willingness to perfect themselves even further.

The Practical Part

Once you initiate your future yoga routine, you will realize that you absolutely need to relax since, otherwise, you will not make any significant progress, especially when it comes to breathing and changing your bodily positions.

So, in order to stretch and breathe freely, you need to let go of the mental rigidity, allowing the physical stiffness to decrease in the process. Remember that yoga has rules you need to follow for the best possible effect. Thus, do not eat before asanas and find a relaxing, peaceful area for you to practice your new way of living.

Rigid people enjoy following only those rules which they themselves create. This is great in this case, because yoga allows them to modify it and create their own sets of necessities during their practicing. Moreover, yoga is not competitive. Thus, it removes the stress and allows you to relax completely. Rigid people need to learn how to relax. By merging with yoga, they will learn how to stop being stressed and stiff, how to obey certain rules which are not their own, and how to follow this routine which will help them become more balanced people, in every respect.

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