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Undesirable side effects of practicing yoga exist

Yoga is a system of discipline of the mind and body that can be beneficial from many aspects. When we exercise regularly and with a proper technique, we can expect numerous benefits for both our body and mind. Some people who do yoga exercises maintain that it has helped them improve various domains of their lives, apart from the obvious physical one. Some have noted significant improvements in their finances, business life, and social interactions with other people.

Be that as it may, one should always keep in mind that there are potential side effects of yoga exercises. The more incorrectly we do them, the greater the chance for developing those side effects. So every person getting into yoga needs to make sure they have been properly instructed as to how it is performed.

Potential injuries

Most frequently, the side effects of practicing yoga manifest themselves as physical injuries. These include soreness of the wrists, ankles, neck, back, vertigo. What also occurs is lack of balance of the biorhythm, so be aware of that.

Apart from the physical ones, mental side effects can also arise. They develop when a person does too much yoga or does it in incorrectly. The list of such side effects that people have been experiencing includes feeling of apprehension, episodes of fright, problems in social interaction etc.

Factors leading to experiencing side effects

Since many people decide to start with yoga from their homes, often with just video instructions, they sometimes fail to grasp the very essence behind the yoga workouts, and its philosophy. This situation can easily lead to grave injuries. Make sure to always seek advice from a doctor before devising your personal workout plan. When you have become fully aware of the risks that your body runs, you can at the same time work on forestalling side effects.

Desirable steps to be taken

Apart from consulting your doctor, it is highly desirable that you seek instructions from a trained yoga instructor. They are there to help you become fully informed on the various yoga positions and correct movements. Take a class or classes of yoga if it is available to you.

In addition to getting to know the positions and movements, never skip the warm up session prior to the yoga session. Side effects such as physical injuries occur much less frequently when a person has gone through the warm up and stretching routine. In cases a person skips this procedure, they run the risk of injuring their muscles and ligaments, as well as developing internal haemorrhage, pulled muscles or fissures of tissue.

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