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Many kinds of metal havenickel. Some of the most popular are sterling silver jewelry. The rash can beseen in people who are more sensitive to the nickel. Just like any other kindof rash, this rash is also itchy and very discomfortable. Unfortunately, justlike with any other allergy, there is no possible in cure. You can only try toavoid contact with this element.


The first thing you need to do, is to be carefulabout the jewelry used, because some jewelry might have this element. Thetreatment will consist of several steps which will make the possibility ofcoming into contact with nickel very low. We have mentioned the first step. Thesecond will involve the use of antibacterial soap. With this soap you can makethe skin clean. The location of the allergy will have to be washed with thesoap. After this, comes the use of a cream. For this treatment, you have to usecortisone cream. You are advised to use creams with aloe, because this herb isnatural remedy for rash. The cream will need to be applied in every two orthree hours. By doing this, you can remove the infection and itching. The useof Calamine lotion is also a good way to treat the allergy in question. Thislotion will have to be applied by a cotton ball. Put the cotton ball in thelotion and apply it on the rash. This will make then rash drier and hard andwill eventually remove the itching sensation. MedicationTaking Benadryl is the next stepin the treatment. There are two way of consuming this item. Children can useliquid while adults will have to take pills. The capsule will have to be takenevery four to six hours. Do not take more than two capsules. This medicine willcombat with the condition from the inside of the body. When you give this tothe children, always check the suggested dosage stated on the package. If youcannot use Benadryl, you can take Zyrtec, which basically does the same thing,but it is a little weaker. For the ones with serious problems, doctors willgive Prednisone. Try not to scratch, since it can be very unproductive. Scaringand cuts can be created by doing this. You can use a mix of one part of vinegarand 16 pars of water. Applying this mix on the affected area will probablyhelp. For the end, we will say that you should never consume more that 300 mgof Benadryl during one day. Also consult you jeweler if you are not surewhether the jewelry you consider buying contains nickel.

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