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Skin irritation or rush is called dermatitis. There are various types or dermatitis, and it is classified on the basis of area that is on, and what kind of rush is it. Symptoms of dermatitis may be red and dry patches of skin, itchy and thick areas of the skin, red, pink rush anywhere on your body, crusty skin around the red patches, and yellow and oily scales on the face.

One of the most common type is Contact dermatitis. Symptoms of contact dermatitis are blisters and red bumps that brakes over the time and form crusts, and they can appear anywhere on the body. Usually this type of skin irritation or rush appear, after you have skin contact, with some of the possibly irritating substances in nickel-plated jewelry, chlorine, soaps, or perfumes. Make sure to change any of those things if you notice that they can produce you with dermatitis symptoms, and also wash all of your new clothes firs, before wearing it.

Other common type of dermatitis is called Nummular dermatitis, and its symptoms may include red, round itchy areas on your legs and arms. It is believed that this type of dermatitis is caused by stress. It usually clears by itself, after some period of time, and hot water makes the symptoms worse. Usually, older people who lives in dry climates and have a dry skin themselves, gets this type of dermatitis more often.

There are several things you can do in order to prevent dermatitis outbreak;

keep the air in your room in home or office as moist as you can, you can use humidifier appliances if you canafter having a bath or washing your hands, use only non preservative scentless lotions on your skin, while is still moistas soon as you think you have been exposed to some chemical agents, wash the affected areas of your skin with water or a mild cleanseravoid wearing jewelry which is nickel plated, use gold or silver insteadif you have delicate skin, use only clothing made of natural fabrics or untreated cotton

There is also several thing that you can do in your home, to relieve or avoid occurrence of dermatitis;

if you have problems with a scalp on your head for some time, try ti change brand of soap or shampooyou can try to apply Hydrocortisone cream on affected areas on your skinavoid scratching of itchy areasin case you have a contact dermatitis, try to find a cause of it, and get rid of itif you suspect that some item in your household is responsible for your problems, test it (apply small amount on your skin and wait for 24 hours to see the results)soak your clothes in salty and warm water, without conditioner, unless it is fragrance free

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