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Home Drug Allergy Treatment

Localized skin reactions and hives are some of the symptoms of allergic reactions and such can be treated with cool compress, cool shower, reduction of physical activity and wearing light clothing that will not cause skin irritation. Also, in these cases, you can use nonprescription antihistamines, like Diphenhydramine, non-sedating antihistamine, like loratadine, or Calamine lotion for itching. We advise you not to treat more serious allergic reactions at home, but to visit a doctor. If a serious allergic reaction occurs, you need to dial 911 or health care provider, or go to the ambulance to get to your treatment.

In case you wait, you need to stay calm, and make sure you do not get exposed to the source of the allergic reaction (if you know it). If you have it, take Benadryl or some other antihistamine. Lie down if you feel like fainting or lightheaded, raise arms and this will increase the blood flow to the brain. If you have been having allergic reactions in the past, you probably have used epinephrine kit, or the EpiPen, which you can use in this situation. CPR needs to be administered if the person suffering from an allergic reaction is unconscious and this can be done by a bystander.Medical Treatment

There are three categories of drug allergy treatment and those are mild allergies, which cause itching and localized hives, moderately severe allergies, which cause itching and hives all over the body, and severe allergic reactions, which cause severe hives, faintness, throat tightness and shortness of breath. In cases of mild allergies, it is necessary to try to stop the reaction and the symptoms, and for this, non-sedating antihistamines like loratadine, or Diphenhydramine like Benadryl, are usually given. All the allergy causing drugs will be removed from the usage. For moderately severe allergic reactions, the purpose of the treatment is to stop the reaction and control the symptoms. Medications used for this are famotidine, like Pepcid, histamine blockers like cimetidine or the Tagamet, oral steroid or Diphenhydramine such as Benadryl. These are all antihistamines.

The treatment for severe allergies involves the use of strong medications that have to reverse the harmful situation and medications that can do this are antihistamines, intravenous or oral steroids (like methylredisolone or Prednisone), famotidine like Pepcid, or histamine blockers such as cimetidine and the Tagamet. The offending drug use is prohibited instantly and epinephrine, which is an adrenaline that has to be either injected or inhaled, may be introduced into the treatment as well. Additional therapy may be needed if the allergic reaction is severe and this requires hospital stay.

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