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People may be allergic to many things, including some drugs. Morphine allergy is a rare condition but it may happen to some people. If you already know you are allergic to morphine, it is of utmost importance to tell that to emergency staff. People may be unconscious or unable to communicate in some traumas or accidents and that’s why you should think about the way to efficiently contact them and let them know you mustn’t be treated with morphine.

About Morphine Allergy

As we already said, morphine is one of the medications you might be allergic to. This drug is very commonly used to suppress severe pains and it is known as analgesic painkiller. Many patients who happen to suffer from some great pains due to some injuries or surgical procedures will be administered morphine.

When you are allergic to this substance, your immune system overreacts every time you get morphine. Instead of using this substance to ease the pain, your body treats this drug as hostile and starts to release histamine and some other substances, just as there was some allergy. If you still don’t know whether you have or don’t have morphine allergy, try to recall if you had these symptoms. Symptoms such as: rash on the skin and skin sensitive to the sun, aches in the joints and the muscles, itchiness, swelling of the lymph nodes, congestion, nausea or vomiting usually appear in people allergic to morphine just after they received this painkiller. If your symptoms resemble these, it is very likely you are suffering from morphine allergy. To be sure, consult your doctor and ask about the tests to properly diagnose your problem and definitively know if you are allergic to morphine.Medical Jewelry for People Allergic to Morphine

One of the most efficient ways to be sure any emergency medical staff will know you are allergic to any substance (morphine or some other) is to wear medical alert jewelry. Every piece of this jewelry has inscriptions that say you are allergic to that specific substance and that it shouldn’t be used in your case for any purpose.

Medical jewelry comes in as bracelets or necklaces and can significantly decrease the chance to experience some unwanted effects and allergic reaction to morphine. Every doctor and paramedic is trained to look for medical jewelry as soon as they see the patient, in order to know what they can and can’t give him or her.

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