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When having in mind treadmill andits most proper usage, what a person will be advised todo is always keep the treadmill well lubricated, particularly one of most essential partof it – the walking belt. This is important because it will not only prolong the “lifespan”of one’s treadmill, but it will also make sure that those potential mishaps areeffortlessly and timely avoided. Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of peoplewho, either due to the lack of knowledge about how this should be doneproperly, or just because they do not want to take any risks and potentially “brake”their newly acquired bring-into-shape tool, simply do nothing and disregard theaforementioned advice. Certain people even go to such a large extent that theypay a service company to do this instead of them. But this often turns out tobe quite pricey, it must be said. In order to become a “certified” home treadmilllubrication manager, one just needs to inform him/herself a bit more about thetechniques and methods, and he/she will be able to do it on their own in notime.

Essentials to mindand acquaint oneself with

The first andforemost fact, of course, that needs to be clarified is the need forlubrication in the first place. The entire lubrication process isquite vital because there occurs quite a lot of friction buildup. Having newwalking belt in mind, it is, quite understandably, already properly lubricatedproviding little friction, which in turn enables the main motor to function inthe best possible manner. In case the belt lacks proper lubrication, this resultsin creation of quite a lot of friction affecting the motor in extremelynegative way, which ultimately brings about the onset of a domino effect.

Given the fact thatthe entire belt lubrication process is not regarded as abstract and complicated as, for example, nuclear physics, a person can quite easily learnthe robes and become quite good at it, come to that. The essentials that one needsto acquire at the onset are a lubricant and an Allen wrench (employed for thepurpose of adjusting the roller located in the rear). The steps to be taken goas follows:

Most important thing to do is to doublecheck if the machine is off. Next, one should unscrew the roller in the rear,both on the left and on the right until coming to a point when a belt can bereadily lifted.Next is to apply the lube, but mindingthe walking deck edges where it should not be applied; only the high trafficarea located in the center.By way of one’s foot, the belt should bemoved left to right, thus lathering the lube into the belt.Once this done, the belt should beturned on the side that was the bottom side before and all the aforementionedsteps should be repeated.In the end, one needs to tighten thebelt to its previous position and then run the unit at 1 mph in order to makesure that the belt remains centered (in case it is not, adjust it but on the leftside only)

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