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Manual and Electric Treadmills

One of the best things you can chooseonce you decide you want to lose weight, but you have no time to goto the gym regularly, is to purchase an exercise device to use atyour home. There is a choice between many different types of devices. Nevertheless, one of thebest possible is a treadmill exercise machine. Thismachine can give you endless hours of jogging, running or walking.Coming in many variants, you can modify and program it to suit yourneeds perfectly, helping you lose weight and stay in shape for yearsto come. However, there is a choice you need to make while choosingthe right treadmill for you too. Namely, there are two major types ofthis device - electric and manual. There is quite a difference betweenthe two and in the following lines we will try to explain and present thecharacteristics and benefits of both separately, helping you make a good purchase decision.

Characteristics of Manual Treadmills

As you have probably figured out bynow, this device works by using the force of the person exercising onit. Thereby, this product does not need a power supply. Rather, itonly needs you in order to start working.

This machine, in comparison to theelectric one, is smaller and more compact, capable of being put awaymuch easier. Also, while you are exercising, it will take up smallerportions of your room. What is more, it is cheaper than itscounterpart while, at the same time, lasting longer and needing farless maintenance.

By exercising on a manual treadmill,your lower body will be put to quite a demanding physical activity,resulting in a productive calorie loss training and effective weightloss in general, along with toning of the muscles.

On the other hand, lack of electricitymakes it harder for you to get used to this demanding exercisemachine since, initially, it may seem to be too hard on you and yourjoints. Therefore, modifying the machine can be frustrating, sinceall the mechanics need to be dealt with in order to make yourexercise endurable.

Also, forget about any cool gadgetssince there is no electricity to power them. This can becounter-productive since you will go easy on yourself, refusing toset up the machine to a demanding level.

Electric Treadmill Characteristics

Its benefits lie in the motor that runsit, providing you an ability to quickly modify the exercise programon the run. This way, you can run for longer periods of time and havemore freedom with the setup. The major drawbacks of these devices isthe cost, as well as the cost of your electricity bill later and theproneness to malfunction.

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