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Treadmill Exercising Woes

Exercising with a treadmill machine isgreat, both for your body and for your mind. Namely, you get relaxedwhile training and toning your muscles. This device offers quite aproductive workout too. Moreover, all the exercises done with atreadmill can be done in the privacy of your home, without you evenneeding to leave your room. All this is great, but treadmillmachines have several flaws too. Basically, since these aremechanical devices, these are prone to malfunctions. Therefore, youmay often need to send them to repair due to various things goingwrong, making your trainings impossible. Nevertheless, this is notoften the case, because there are many different things you can do inorder to fix your own treadmill machine. The remainder of this textwill explain how to deal with the most common malfunction thesedevices might have, a slipped belt during your workouts. Thus, readon to learn how to deal with this problem.

Why Is the Belt Broken?

Well, actually, breaking has nothing todo with this situation. On the contrary, the belt on your treadmillmachine may get loose or slip on one side of the machine, making itimpossible for you to continue your exercising processes. Then youneed to take the matters into your own hands and deal with theproblem yourself. One of the main reasons behind this belt problem isthe fact that the belt itself was/is mounted to tight or too loose.Ideally, you should be able to lift it from the center of the machinefor about 2 inches.

Also, the problem may not be the belt,but the pulley or the misaligned drive belt.

Be the Handyman!

Bring the adequate tools with you.These include screwdrivers and a hex wrench. Then, before“operating”, turn the machine on again and see where the problemlies exactly, looking for places where the belt slips. Usually, youwill need to make a certain side tighter by adjusting the bolts onthe side of the machine.

Moreover, at the end of the machine,there are adjustments for the belt itself. You can move them andmodify the position of the belt so that it is optimal. Do not beafraid to use the user manual for the treadmill, since you might find useful information there, helping you a lot in the repairprocess. Once you start tightening the belt, do not overdo it becausethis will cause damage to other parts of the machine.

Finally, when the treadmill is on,check if the pulley roller is working correctly. If not, maybe youshould have it changed.

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