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How can trapped nerve in neck be recognized?

Pain in the neck region may be felt due to a number of reasons, and is not easy even for a professional to determine the real cause. Some of the most common include abnormalities in muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones or even spine, and in some cases, an injury may provoke the pain, while in others an infection, inflammation, or even a tumor may cause it. On the other side, pain in the neck may even be related to the problems in upper back, arms or shoulders. Since this pain may only be one of the symptoms of the condition that caused it, it is important to diagnose the root of the problem properly and MRI scan, CT scan, myelogram, or EMG test may be very helpful in that.

When the cause of the pain is trapped nerve in neck, besides the pain, the person in question is very likely to experience problems in everyday functioning, twitching of the muscles, tingling, numbness, and maybe even radiating of the pain into other areas of the body, such as arm or shoulder. It is also possible that inflammation will occur, which is easily recognized by swelling in the affected area. This pain may be so serious that the person might even find it difficult to move the head, or open and close the mouth.

How can this problem be treated and can it be cured for good?

When the nerve is trapped, it actually means that this nerve suffers a huge pressure. Luckily, it can be treated and cured in the majority of the cases. It is necessary to rest a lot and to restrict the movements of the neck, as well as to avoid any activity that might affect the condition in a negative way. It is necessary to fix the position of the head while sleeping, in order to avoid accidental hurting, and there are devices that can help with that. Applying heat may relieve the pain, while NSAIDs or corticosteroid injections will help in reducing not only pain, but inflammation, too. Serious cases may require the surgery in order to remove the pressure of the nerve, but this is only suggested in cases in which other methods of treatment do not give positive results. Besides, it depends on the exact location of the trapped or damaged nerve whether the surgery is an option at all. 

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