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There are things that are possible because of the pain in the back of knee. In these conditions it is advised to avoid activities that aggravate the pain. In such cases there are things not to do and a list of things to do while determining the pain. The pain in the back of knee is a warning signal. Controlling the condition involves cryotheraphy, which is putting ice on that area for 5 minutes, which will cut down the pain. But if there is a burning sensation this therapy should stop. Also heat of 10-20 minutes on a lower setting might reduce pain. There are methods applying creams that create an effect: for instance Icy-Hot or AST BioFreeze gel. Bracing can bring on some relief and stability to the knee by reducing the pressure and pain. Talking to doctors brings us to rehabilitation via controlled motions of the leg. For this doctor prescribes exercises on the proper equipment to keep the motions controlled.

But what are the possible causes of pain in the back of knee;

a) Arthritis If you are over the age of 65, arthritis is the most common causes of pain in the knee. The pain of arthritis is dull, occasionally sharp with sudden movements in the area of joint line and front of the knee. There is a severe swelling sometimes with grinding sensation in the knee or popping.

b) Minor Tear of the Cartilage Surface The possible causes of the pain behind the knee can be a micro tears in the cartilage. Minor tears needs no surgery and will heal on their own. Avoiding activities are recommended.

c) Baker\'s Cyst A cyst forms the back portion of your knee capsule and this pain described as dull and aching. But the cyst might mean some other problems such as arthritis or a tear of your meniscus. The swelling here causes build up fluid in the knee. The cyst has a valve made out of your joint capsule tissue. The valve can clog and the fluid becomes trapped in the cyst.

It is obvious that controlling, avoiding and rehabilitating are the best to be practice on time. When it comes to the pain in the back of knee, you should putt ice on the painful area, or a hot object on the spot. You can also easily apply various creams for cooling and warming up the area, and it might sound as a very good idea.

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