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Fertility can be easily defined as one's ability to conceive and have a child, which is achieved by normal sexual activity. Infertility, on the other hand, is a condition characterized by a failure to conceive after trying for one year, without using any kind of contraception.

Unfortunately, today many couples have to face with the fact that they will not be parents. Infertility is a common problem reported throughout the world. In the majority of cases it occurs once the woman turns 30. So, after 30 years of age infertility is much more likely to occur.

There is a variety of medical conditions and factors influencing one's fertility. However, since science progresses unstoppably, even this medical issue can be treated and cured in some cases.

Fertility is actually a complex term and it basically depends on many different factors. In order for a conception to take place there must be sufficient amount of healthy sperm, it is supposed to be delivered into the vagina, spermatozoids must enter fallopian tubes, reach an egg and fertilize it. Finally, fertilized egg is supposed to be implanted into the uterus.

Optimal Criteria for Conception

Both male and female must be healthy and reproductive processes in their bodies must function impeccably.

As far as women are concerned, they are born with certain number of eggs which they start releasing once they reach puberty. The number of eggs is limited and once all the eggs are spent a woman becomes infertile. Men, on the other hand, may have perfectly healthy sperm for many years. However, the sperm must be healthy enough in order to fertilize the egg. Namely, the number of normal spermatozoids as well as their mobility are two key factors which determine whether the sperm is good in terms of being capable for fertilization.

Many anatomical and functional abnormalities of reproductive systems of both genders as well as illnesses can interfere in conception. This is the reason why doctors perform multiple tests and exams in order to identify the underlying cause, which is then treated.

What is Fertility Treatment?

Fertility treatment is quite a complex term and it includes many different approaches.

Firstly, such treatment differs significantly regarding genders. This is because the underling causes of infertility are not the same in men and women.

The treatment may start only when the exact cause of infertility is identified. After a consultation with a health care provider a couple is recommended several treatment options. If one fails to provide with desirable results, there are many more to opt for. Fortunately, the number of couples overcoming infertility is high thanks to many available treatment options.

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