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A woman can do many things to stay healthy and fit. Sometimes a woman can be lost in the abundance of information.


The first thing that needs to be taken care of when it comes to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy, balanced diet. Fatty food, junk food and fast food can only bring tiredness, bad complexion, lethargy and depression. One should avoid high fat foods that are rich in calories as well as red meat. One should opt for high fiber low fat food and fresh vegetables and fruit instead. Fiber maintains a proper digestion, while fruits and vegetables provide the essential nutrients, mineral and vitamins.

One should also drink large amounts of water on a daily basis because it inhibits the formation of kidney stones. It is also important because it hydrates the person and cleanses the body of numerous impurities. It brings a feeling of being more alert, it improves the skin radiance and keeps the milk quality at its best in women who are lactating. Mineral and vitamin supplements can also be of great help, especially, calcium and iron because they reduce the risk of osteoporosis and help with the numerous menstrual problems.

Quitting smoking is a must. It simple needs to stop. Alcohol consumption should also be reduced to a minimum. A regular exercise routine should be incorporated on a daily basis. Walking, climbing the stairs or even yoga are just some of the simplest and cheapest suggestions.

All sources of stress should be avoided since they produce excessive amounts of adrenaline and other types of potentially harmful substances. Stress can cause insomnia, it can also upset the usual sleep patterns. Sometimes it can even affect the heart muscle. Stressful situations should be avoided and they should be relieved by exercises and similar activities.

Excessive exposure to sunlight and sun tanning beds is not really recommended because it significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. One should avoid direct sunlight and UV rays and should always a high SPF sunscreen.

All women should visit their gynecologists and have regular smear tests on a regular basis, because numerous female oriented health troubles can be treated successfully only if they get detected on time. One should always practice safe sex, even with a long term partner, because some sexually transmitted diseases can be dormant in the human body for many years. Dental hygiene should always be among the top priorities on every woman’s list.

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