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When the winter comes it is to indulge in watching TV and reducing the exercises to a minimum. It can easily bring the symptoms of influenza and sometimes even depression. There are a few tips that can be really helpful in avoiding seasonal affective disorder and keeping in good shape until the spring comes back again.


One should always maintain a healthy and balanced diet which includes plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Vegetable soups that are home made are probably among the best types of food for those long, cold winter days because they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and they boost the immune system and prevent the body from the free radicals. One can also opt for mineral and vitamin supplements but they are not as healthy as the aforementioned foods.

Winter commonly leads to overeating wrong foods and that could be the cause of some extra pounds that can be gained rather easily. One should stick to an exercise routine or perhaps indulge in an indoor sport or some other physical hobby such as dancing. If a person is not able to get out, the windows should be opened on a daily basis so that the fresh air may come inside. It is very important to get plenty of rest during the winter because when a person is overtired the immune system gets weak and that can be the trigger of numerous infections.

Those who experience difficulties sleeping should try out one of many herbal sleep remedies. Influenza is a debilitating viral illness and it can be easily prevented by getting a flu shot. The vaccination may take place at the end of autumn but it can prevent colds from occurring since they get triggered by a completely different type of virus.

The symptoms of common cold can be reduced by making a preparation that consists of vitamin C, zinc and Echinacea. Used tissues need to be discarded in order to prevent the virus from spreading further. Influenza or a cold cannot be treated with antibiotics because they can only be used for certain types of infections that are caused by bacteria.

One should not get isolated because of winter since isolation and the lack of socialization can lead to depression. Seasonal affective disorder is a winter depression that affects many people and it can be treated by light box therapy, but those who suffer from this ailment could also try getting out during the day and perhaps catch some winter sun. Planning new goals and activities is always a warming idea.

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