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Introduction to Fiber

Fiber is a substance that is very healthy in most cases and it is great for the digestive system. However, it needs to be taken in moderation because too much fiber can have negative side-effects.

Despite the benefits that fiber has to offer to the human body, the intake has its own set of side effects.

An individual should be consuming about 30 grams of fiber on a daily basis. Side effects are noticed in people who consume more than 45 grams daily. Side Effects of Too Much Fiber

If a person has too much fiber in their diet there can be very uncomfortable and at time also very embarrassing side effects that accompany this increased intake of fiber.

One side effect of consuming too much fiber is flatulence, which can be very embarrassing, especially, in public situations.

Diarrhea is another one. It is not only embarrassing and uncomfortable, but it also results in the loss of bodily fluids, salts and nutrients from the body.

Another side effect is abdominal discomfort, which is characterized by a constant and nagging pain in the stomach.

Constipation can also occur when too much fiber is consumed.

Too much fiber can also lead to blockages and in some cases, people will have to be operated on in order to remove the blockage.

Consuming too much fiber can also lead to unwanted weight gain as well.

However, people can find a way to live with taking in a lot of fiber. One way to balance out the effects is to drink a lot of water. The reason for the troubling side effects is usually a very high consumption of fiber without drinking enough water. Therefore, if a person is suffering from the symptoms of eating too much fiber, it is a good idea to start drinking a lot more water in order to remedy the situation.

Drinking too much water can also be a problem, but when someone is consuming too much fiber and drinking too much water, then the two balance each other out.

It is also important to be aware of the fact that fiber makes food travel faster through the digestive system, which can cause people to feel full very quickly while eating.

This can be a problem because a person could feel full and not want to eat anymore before he or she has consumed all of the necessary nutrients needed for a meal to be complete.

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