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Cambridge diet

Rapid weight loss can be achieved with Cambridge diet because this diet is known for the restricting intake of calories. It was developed in United Kingdom for those who had the problems with extreme obesity. Those who are on this diet are allowed to take only 400 to 800 calories a day. This diet was very popular in the 1980s because the results were magnificent. However, it was very severe and thus much criticized because it was not good for the general health of the people who stick to this diet. Because of that, today it is not a very rigorous diet.

Cambridge diet is low calorie and liquid-based diet that do not require any physical exercises to successful and rapid loss of weight. Due to significantly small amounts of calories, a body does not get sufficient vital nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Cambridge diet is consisted of soups, porridge and meal replacement bars, and low calorie shakes.

Side effects of Cambridge diet

Many medical professionals consider that Cambridge diet is not a healthy diet. A low calorie intake leads to low amounts of necessary essential nutrients for the body and to rapid burning of the fat. Furthermore, fat is not the only one that is lost, but muscles as well. The side effects of this diet are usually temporary, and not all people who are on this kind of diet will experience them. However if they appear, they can affect various systems in the body.

Since this diet is liquid-based and does not include solid foods, one of the side effects may be constipation. Therefore, taking of extra fiber is recommended for those who suffer from constipation during the diet. Headaches are usual in the fist two or three days, because the body does not receive many carbohydrates. Furthermore, nausea is also normal symptom that follows this diet and drinking a lot of water may help when one feels it. When a person starts to burn fat, a bad breath may appear as the result of that.

Lack of energy, fatigue and tiredness are expected side effects of Cambridge diet, because one who is on this diet takes extremely low amount of calories. Those who have certain problems with heart or with digestion should not be on this diet. Anyway, it is always important to consult a doctor before deciding to take this diet for the losing of weight. If the side effects of this diet are persistent and severe, it is recommended to stop it.

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