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What is tongkat ali and when should it be used?

Tongkat ali is an herbal medicine that is mostly famous forits ability to enhance the production of testosterone in the body, at the sametime enhancing all the effects that this hormone has on the human body, particularlywhen it comes to male population. The fact that it improves sexual performanceand that it helps in cases of erectile dysfunction, impotence, and prematureejaculation is why men are particularly interested in tongkat ali. It is alsoclaimed that it has the ability to prolong sexual performance, without men feelingexhausted after it.

However, besides this ability, this herb offers numerousother benefits thanks to the wide range of beneficial properties. It can alsohelp in the treatment of malaria, (although modern medicines are more and morereplacing it), it can boost the immune system, regulate the blood circulationin the body, and it can also affect the muscle mass, which is why those who areinto bodybuilding are also interested in its use.

How safe is it and are there any side effects?

Despite the fact that the herb that this medicine are made ofand named after has been used for centuries, no studies and researches regardingits side effects have been conducted so far. On the other hand, the majority ofusers is satisfied with the effects, and there are no many complaints, which isprobably a reason more. However, some side effects that have been reportedinclude anxiety, insomnia and warming sensation within the body or increasedbody temperature, but these signs may be expected in cases when this medicineis used in amounts that exceed the recommended. This is also why it is recommendedto use this supplement in lower doses at the beginning, since none of us knows howour body will react to some new supplement, and this way, our body will easieradapt to it, as well as to the changes that it may introduce.

Some people have also reported pressure in the testicles, butthey claimed that it only lasted for a few days, and that it disappeared on itsown. What may sound a bit concerning is that some people claimthat their personality has changed due to the use of this supplement, and this isnot excluded. The change of the levels of testosterone may cause people to be abit more aggressive than they used to be, which is why it is important to payattention to this possibility. In case rage, anger and aggressiveness become tohard too deal with, it is recommended to stop using this supplement.

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