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History and background information

Supplements based on prohormones were first brought to the general public’s attention at the end of the 1990s by a chemist Patrick Arnold. From that day on, these supplements have become the quite popular with a great number of people who till this very day are ready to vouch for their numerous benefits and exquisite effects. Once a person consumes the supplement in question, the enzymes immediately transform this supplement into anabolic hormones, which in turn are responsible for initializing and aiding the entire growth process. What is important to emphasise is the fact that the effectiveness of these prohormones depends upon the rate of the enzymes during the conversion process that takes place inside our bodies. Given their nature and the potential to boost and enhance the performance of an athlete, steroids have soon become almost synonymous with sport and related activities. Due to the increase in demand and in usage, over time the number of compounds based in prohormones has increased. What has contributed to their popularity to a great extent is the fact that there are different varieties that cover different personal needs. For example, certain prohormones, upon entering the body of a person, get transformed into testosterone, whereas others get transformed into nandrolone and also dihydrotestosterone – commonly referred to as the DHT. Since these supplements were unfortunately not flawless and anti-side effectual, certain prohormones compounds did not live long before they were prohibited.

Prohormones revealed

As probably known by athletes and bodybuilders likewise, the compounds in question are a direct predecessor to the anabolic hormones responsible for the enhancement in growth and body development. Anabolic hormones such as testosterone and also Human Growth Hormone are the ones that promote strengthening of the bones and boost the metabolic rate. In addition, the prohormones that get transformed into anabolic hormones upon consuming are responsible for boosting the growth of the muscles, as well as for the increase in the lean body mass. In order to make sure that these will be effective, there have been developed special intake techniques and methods that ensure this. One of such techniques is the stacking – referring to the oral intake of the prohormones, as well as by means of injection. Another technique is known under the name of cycling, which entails consuming these supplements for the period of 4-6 weeks, after which a person makes a short pause and the starts all anew.

Possible and known negative consequences

In case a person takes too great an amount of prohormones supplement, this can directly lead to serious liver damage. Aside from the liver, endangered are also the kidneys. As far as the long term harmful effects are concerned, they include infertility, as well as baldness in men, while in women, overuse can lead to increase in the production of testosterone, which is accompanied by the increase in facial growth and deepening of the voice.

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