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How many times have you wanted to have a mole above your lips? Even though mole sounds and looks nice to some people, in most cases they can cause trouble. If you have some mole that is bothering you and you want to get rid of it, here are some tips that you can use.

How are moles created on our body?

Most of people have more than the ten moles on their skin from birth. Moles are made of special cells that are called melanocytes and that grow clustered, though they are supposed to grow separately. This type of cells gives that dark color of the skin on the place where the mole is. Over time, they grow bigger and darker due to the exposure to sun and UV rays. A great majority of people wants to remove moles and it could be done only after the consultations with a doctor. Nevus is a name for one mole and nevi for multiple moles. The characteristics of normal moles are that their color is pink, light brown, and black. The size can vary from small to large, while their shape can be round or oval. One or more hairs can grow out of a mole and the borders can be irregularly shaped. Abnormal moles are called dysplastic nevi and the size of an abnormal mole is somewhere between 5 and 15 mm in diameter. They can be dark and pink, appearing anywhere on the body, but most frequently on the back, chest buttocks, arms, breast andscalp.

Removal of moles

The type of a mole defines the way in which it can be removed. Some of the most common ways in which one can remove a mole are surgery, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, laser surgery, acids and herbal treatment. If you decide on a regular surgery, a doctor will remove the tissue and mole with the scalpel. In the electrosurgery, the tissue that is beneath the mole is destroyed along with the mole. Cryosurgery is done with the liquid nitrogen, which has a feature of freezing and in that way a mole is removed. Acid formulas can also help in mole removal, no matter if you decide on prescribed or over-the-counter acids. BIO-T is one of the herbal methods that can provide mole removal simply by applying it on the mole and covering it with a bandage. It only takes five days for the mole to disappear in this way.

Home remedies that have been used for a long time include the usage of garlic and onion. Small slices of garlic are supposed to be put over the moles twice a day, and that procedure has to be done several days in order for the mole to disappear. Moles can also be rubbed with dandelion roots. Other home remedies can be used in moleremoval.

However, they don’t always have 100 % effect, so it would be best if you went to see dermatologist, because he will recommend the best method in mole removal.

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