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Dandruff is a skin condition which produces white flakes and it is usually more annoying than it is serious. Dandruff occurs when the sebaceous gland, which keeps the skin properly oiled, stops working properly causing the scalp to dry out.

Although in the majority of cases the white flakes are the only sign of dandruff, sometimes an inflammation can spread, beginning on the hairline and around the eyebrows and potentially spreading all the way to the chest. This kind of inflammation is not necessarily serious right away, and it rather depends on how much the inflammation has spread. Finally, the most extreme and unfortunate situations can lead to hair loss, but that is very unlikely to happen and is in not associated to dandruff directly.

Causes of dandruff

As stated, the direct cause of dandruff is a dry scalp. The way a scalp dries out is when the circulation of the blood to it is not functioning as it should be, and also if the hair is not cared for sufficiently. Even if the hair type is greasy, dirty and messy hair will help dry out the scalp and cause dandruff. As for the circulation, one of the most basic ways to improve it is to brush the hair regularly which not many people do so often nowadays. Not only will such a simple act as hair brushing improve blood circulation in the scalp, but it will also help in keeping the hair tidy longer.

Also, drying shampoos used to wash oily hair can often dry the scalp more than they should and cause dandruff followed by itching. One of the less common ways to get dandruff is due to a fungal infection. This kind of infection is called psoriasis and one of its manifestations is on the skin of the lower back, the knees or the elbows. What this infection does to the skin is it completely dries it out and when that happens, dandruff seldom fails to follow.

Herbs used for treating dandruff

Dandruff is caused by insufficient amounts of certain substances in the body or skin, and dealing with dandruff will be successful when the needed substances are supplied to the body. One of the reasons for dandruff is a lack of essential fatty acids in the body.

The product which will not fail to make up for them is the oil of the evening primrose. It is enriched with these valuable fatty acids and the body absorbs it without any difficulty. Besides fatty acids, dandruff may also be an indication that the body is lacking in vitamin B. This is simply solved by consuming vitamin B tablets. Also, one is just as welcome to take vitamin A and E tablets as well, as they all nurture the scalp and improve its general health.

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