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When it comes to trying to conceive, most of the advice on how to get pregnant sooner is directed at women tracking ovulation, eating better, taking prenatal supplements... and the list goes on. But it is important to remember that men are just as crucial to the conception process, and they they too can benefit from tips on how to get their partner pregnant.What are some of the most productive things men can do to boost the odds of having a baby in the near future? The first few tips are about what not to do just as they are for women:

Avoiding too much alcohol and smoking is good for general health, and may boost sperm count and quality. Men who do not smoke have a smaller chance of having motility and morphology problems, or in layman's terms, their sperm is quicker and has fewer misshaped specimens! Did you know that the amount of sex a couple has can affect their chances of getting pregnant? And it's not a simple case of the more sex, the better the odds of getting "knocked up". In fact, men who ejaculate every single day, or several times daily, often have lower sperm counts. Have sex on the days leading up to ovulation, and during ovulation. But don't overdo it. Too little sex is also a bad idea. Twice or three times a week is a good benchmark. Hot baths and tight underwear are bad for the testicles. Stay away from them.

So what should you do?

Sperm count is highest in the morning. Having sex at that time is a good idea. Physically active and healthy men tend to be more fertile. Exercising regularly may bring you closer to getting your partner pregnant. Folic acid, zinc, and vitamins A, C and E increase fertility. Don't take female prenatal supplements, but make sure you get plenty of these vitamins, either from foods or supplements.

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