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When it comes to pregnancy it is important not to do anything which may reduce the possibility of conceiving. The possibility of getting pregnant gets gradually reduced with age, but this is not the only harmful factor. There are other factors which may raise the risks during the pregnancy and those include pregnancy at an old age, pregnancy at an early age, preterm labor, being underweight, being overweight, miscarriage, stillbirth, anxiety, diabetes and high blood pressure. Many couples struggle with infertility cases but there are numerous processes which can be helpful.

Artificial insemination, intracervical insemination, intratubal insemination, intravaginal insemination and intrauterine insemination are some of those processes. There are also certain herbal remedies which are known for being very efficient in increasing the fertility rate in both women and men by simply normalizing the reproductive hormones. It is very easy to determine pregnancy by simple pregnancy tests. Pregnancy can also be confirmed if there are certain signs such as food cravings, mood swings, headaches, morning sickness, nausea and recurrent urination. The sensation of pregnancy makes every woman feel in high spirits, and her positive aura commonly spreads around toward the father and other close persons.

Tips to get pregnant faster

A person should have sex at least three times a week, because regular sex is the safest way of getting pregnant as fast as possible. It is highly recommended to use a fertility monitor or an ovulation prediction kit because those devices are very efficient in improving the chances of getting pregnant. Another helpful tip is to have sex before ovulation, and not after, contrary to the popular belief. Most women rely on the calendar method when it comes to predicting the ovulation, but this is definitely not the recommended method, because it is not that accurate as most women believe. It is also not recommended to rely only on the fertility charting. It is good for charting the menstrual cycles but not that accurate when it comes to predicting the ovulation.

One should visit the doctor before trying to stay pregnant, because the body needs to be in good overall health first. It is highly recommended to avoid drugs, alcoholic beverages and all types of tobacco products because they may be harmful. It is a good idea to have enjoyable sex in order to get pregnant faster. Having sex in positions which keep the sperm inside the vagina longer is also highly recommended.

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