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Diet and Tinnitus

One very important factor associated with a condition called the tinnitus is nutrition and diet. There are studies that have confirmed that a proper diet can reduce the sounds heard by people suffering from this condition. We will give you several steps and tips to follow and you should experience a dramatic decrease of heard sounds. This is a very annoying problem that many people suffer from. There are 50 million people in America who are hearing hissing, ringing and buzzing in their ears and it is ruining their lives. But since there has been found a connection between the diet and tinnitus, there are some simple steps that can reduce the effect of this problem.


The first advice we have to give you is to eat fresh and whole meals. You also need to include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and a lot of yogurt, cheese, paste, whole grain bread, poultry, fish, protein, eggs and olive oil. From this you can see that following a Mediterranean diet is a good idea. Try to avoid dairy products and eat organic if you can. Vitamins and minerals that you need to include in your nutrition are zinc, iron, vitamin B12, B6, B1 and A. Reducing the ringing in the ears can be achieved by the effect of zinc and it can be located in beans, eggs, pumpkin seeds, lamb and oysters. You should need to include manganese in the region from 2 and 5mg during the day, and it can be located in foods like nut, beans, green leafy vegetables, celery and bananas. There are some foods that can make the sounds worse, and if this happens, remove them from your nutrition. Try to keep track of what you eat and the effect it has on the hearing. It is important not to eat processed, pre-packaged and fast foods, since they are rich in salt, flavors and fats. They can even make the problem worse. Salt will restrict the blood vessels, decrease the blood flow to brain, ears and eyes, and increase the blood pressure. All of this will make the tinnitus problem worse, since this problem needs increased blood flow to the inner ear in order to be treated. Also, saturated fats will cause atherosclerosis, increased triglycerides, decrease of the good cholesterol, and increase of the bad cholesterol. Flavorings, like monosodium glutamate, should not be taken at all. Some allergies, among which the most common are peanuts, eggs, milk, soybean products and wheat, can make tinnitus problem worse. You will need to remove tea, coffee, cola and other drinks with caffeine from your diet, since they can lead to depression, anxiety and stress. They should be eliminated from the diet because they contain aspartame, which is artificial sweetener that leads to the destruction of neurons.

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