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What exactly is pulsatile tinnitus?

Pulsatile tinnitus is not really a disease, but it is a medicalterm for ringing in the ears that occurs at the same time as pulse and that everyoneelse can hear when using stethoscope, for example, or some other similar device. Due tothe fact that it can be heard by other people and not only by the person whoexperiences the ringing, it is regarded as objective in nature. The ringing canbe different and it might resemble clicking, thumping or booming noise, or eventhe sound of wind that blows. The accompanying symptoms of this type of tinnituscan be vertigo and loss of hearing that occurs from time to time and lasts forshort time. As for the causes that have been identified so far, they are categorizedinto four groups: arterial sounds, venous sounds, tumors that are either benignor malignant and spasms of the muscles of the middle ear. However, severalother conditions can also result in this problem and among them are sinusproblems, excessive use of antibiotics, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, aswell as stress, carotid artery aneurysm, carotid artery dissection, and vasculitis.Due to the number of possible culprits, it is obvious that when it comes to this bothersomeringing in the ears, is not at all easy to determine the real cause of theproblem. Fortunately, the fact is that very rarely it is an indicator of some conditionthat is life threatening.

Methods of treatment for pulsatile tinnitus

Since this condition is not that common, people aregenerally not that familiar with it. For this reason, it takes some time forthem to become aware of the problem itself and to decide to visit a doctor for help. Whenit comes to the treatment, some people say that it is easily treated, while othersclaim that it cannot be cured. A significant number of those who used to havethis kind of problem claim that holistic system of treatment offers the bestand the most effective solutions, which permanently eliminate the problem in nomore than 2 months, while relief will comein approximately 7 days. In cases in which some other condition is identifiedas the cause, the treatment of that same condition might bring relief. What mightalso help, even if only temporarily, is applying pressure to the area in whichtinnitus occurs.

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