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Upper Thigh Pain

There is a cause for this pain and it must be determined which one it is, since there can be several possible ones. Only, if the right cause is found, proper treatment will ensue. We will talk about the causes and how to determine them. The pain experienced in these areas varies from mild to severe and it usually starts to presents itself when the bones, joints, tendons or muscles around the pelvis area become affected. There are several reasons for this, ranging from medical conditions to excessive physical activity.

Causes of Upper Thigh Pain

The first possible cause is the muscle pull in the groin. When this happens, pain will be felt in the inner upper thigh, which occurs because of the one muscle, which became taut. This specific muscle is responsible for the natural movement of the toes during running and it is named abductor muscle. It strains to keep the body in balance when we run on the slippery surfaces.

Next possible cause for the upper thigh pain is meralgia paraesthetica, which is associated with the injury of the nerve and which creates a burning pain. The nerve we are talking about is found in the area between the spinal column and thigh. Our body has many nerves in the muscles, tendons and joint, and if the swelling or an injury is sustained, they cannot perform their function, which is to transmit signals to and from the brain.

Quadriceps pull can also cause upper thigh pain. These muscles are located at the frontal thigh area and when we straight the knees, these muscles extend the leg. If a pull of these muscles is sustained, numbness will be experienced along with the sharp pain. This pain will extend only to one side, so if the pull is on the left side, pain will also be on the same side.

Bruising or swelling will occur if the pull is more serious. The hamstring pull can also cause the upper thigh pain. This muscle goes from the back area of the knee joint to the buttocks. If this problem is present, a lump will probably be formed on the back thigh area. Also, extending the leg will be a problem if hamstring pull is present. This problem can be created during running on the slippery surface, especially when we extend the leg a bit more, or if we use shorter strides with a quicker pace. We can say that this injury can come from the alteration of the running rhythm. The pain can be experienced because of aging. Problem like sciatica happens when the nerve sciatica, located in the spine, becomes strained, but also when it is under pressure, the pain follows. This pain can also be caused by arthritis.

When upper pain is felt, try to rest as much as possible and apply ice packs in order to reduce the inflammation and the swelling. Do this 5 or 6 times during the day. See a doctor if this does not help.

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