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SciaticNerve Pain during Pregnancy

Thisis one of several typical side effects that can occur duringpregnancy. Pain of the sciatic nerve can be quite troubling forpregnant women, but it is usually not serious and is merely annoying.The pain is caused by an inflammation of or pressure on the nervebundle that run out of the bottom of the spine, called the sciaticnerve. This nerve runs from the lower back all the way down the backof the legs to the feet. When the nerve is damaged, jostled orotherwise disturbed, the pain can endure for quite a while.

Sciaticnerve pain can happen during any part of the pregnancy. A substantialproportion of women will experience sciatica stress during pregnancy,but this does not always promulgate as pain, sometimes simply leadingto back ache or discomfort in the muscles. Sciatica can also causesharp pains, muscle aches or numbness in the legs, feet or buttocks.


Thesciatica nerve will usually calm down by itself with no interventionin a few days or weeks. However, the symptoms may last up to twomonths. A physical therapist can help to alleviate the pain ordiscomfort caused by the nerve, as well as the general back achecaused during pregnancy. They can also help strengthen the musclesaround the pelvis, abdomen and back to help the woman cope betterwhile giving birth and afterwards.

Massageis another option to directly relieve sciatica pain. It is veryuseful in reducing back ache and muscle pain that can build up duringpregnancy as well as due to sciatic nerve inflammation. Massage helpsrelieve some tension in the muscles that typically cause sciaticcompression which will, in turn, relieve the above symptoms.

Somewomen find that a chiropractor can also help alleviate the pain ordiscomfort they experience due to sciatic nerve inflammation orcompression. The most important factor to take into consideration iswhether or not the chiropractor has experience or training in dealingwith pregnant women. Those with experience or training will be ableto target the pain more effectively without any undue stress on thewoman or the baby.

However, a counsel should be sought from medical professionals in cases ofsciatica because they will be able to fully diagnose the cause of thepain and will suggest an appropriate course of treatment. The doctormay prescribe applying heat to the area to warm the muscles andalleviate muscle tension. Sufficient rest is also required for aspeedy recovery.

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